Thursday, February 02, 2012

Rapidly and Ruthlessly eliminating "customers"

Something a little different today--business advise.

I always keep a $5.00 bill in my wallet. A $5 has the picture of Lincoln and as we know Lincoln freed the slaves. My $5 serves to remind me to always charged for my professional services -- that's what puts food on my table. Only slaves work without getting paid. If I make a mistake, then of course I take care of it. I have always tried to provide excellent value and not charge for stuff that I didn't earn; but at the end of the day I'm in it for the money as that is what pays the bills.

In response to an email about trying to please a difficult customer, doing free labor as a "favor" to satisfy that difficult customer and being burned in the process...

I've been in your position before and it is uncomfortable and costly. In this industry one has to exercise care in deciding what airplane and which customers you can adequately service and which ones you cannot. I rapidly and ruthlessly eliminate "customers" that are not profitable to my business. Such a policy has not only proved profitable but also lowers my stress levels. I highly recommend it.

30+ years of running a successful aviation business -- paying every bill on time and never late with a payroll

"A man’s time is always scarce. He is not immortal; his time on earth is limited. Each day of his life has only 24 hours in which he can attain his ends. Furthermore, all actions must take place through time. Therefore time is a means that man must use to arrive at his ends. It is a means that is omnipresent in all human action."  Murray Rothbard

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  1. Not god's ability. So you don't want to give god any credit at All.