Sunday, June 05, 2011

Flight Training and Cat Health

The pattern of Google searches for "flight training" correlates closely with the volume of searches for "cat health." If Google can be believed, the interest in flight training and cats closely agrees over a period of many years.

 Here is a comparison with other search terms:

  1. 0.9703cat health
  2. 0.9700cat care
  3. 0.9694listing
  4. 0.9686feline
  5. 0.9685telephone prefix
  6. 0.9679telephone codes
  7. 0.9673message boards
  8. 0.9668indian baby names
  9. 0.9666flight schools
  10. 0.9666telephone area

Now it gets even more interesting. Here is the correlation with "Cessna" and "feline"

Not as close but still remarkably similar. Here are the top 10 correlations with "Cessna"

Correlated with cessna

  1. 0.9207feline
  2. 0.9198flight schools
  3. 0.9179number directory
  4. 0.9175flight training
  5. 0.9171phone listings
  6. 0.9153phone number directory
  7. 0.9152cat care
  8. 0.9150phone directory
  9. 0.9149states area codes
  10. 0.9145map new york city

Feline #1 and cat care #7

The data suggests that the interest in flight training, Cessna, and cats changes at the same time. Does this strong correlation hold true for other aircraft manufacturers? How about Piper, Beechcraft, or Boeing? No correlation found with cats or feline.  Here is the Boeing data:

Correlated with boeing

  1. 0.7765boeing aircraft
  2. 0.7677boeing airplane
  3. 0.7485boeing planes
  4. 0.7431boeing jet
  5. 0.7136boeing airplanes
  6. 0.6950plaza hotel
  7. 0.6914arinc
  8. 0.6891real estate brokers
  9. 0.6887estate brokers
  10. 0.6870shutters

Pretty much what one would expect. So what does this all mean? I have no idea, just thought it is interesting.

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