Thursday, December 30, 2010

Replacing Spot Welds with Rivets

I am a Mechanic’s Toolbox subscriber. I looked through it, but could not find any reference for replacing spot welds with regular 426/470 rivets. The area of concern is in non-structural applications, such as access doors and fairings.
I have also looked all over the internet and have even talked with a few structures people and found nothing concrete. The closest is one fellow who verbally stated that it is generally acceptable to replace a fastener with one that is stronger, such as replacing an AN bolt with an NAS bolt.
Do you have any suggestions or information?

Your question has been already asked and somewhat answered on this engineering forum. No direct answer but some concerns. See the following link:

In regards to higher strength fastener replacement - I see more hole failures than fastener failures ("smoking rivet") so concentrate on the condition of the hole. This seems also to be a theme of the link above.

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