Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fingerprint Corrosion on Aircraft Products

Many years ago our aircraft hose manufacturing shop set up a program to identify and eliminate products that might cause chloride contamination. Every chemical introduced into the area is screened for chloride or other potential corrosive materials. This program is not a bad idea for any repair facility working on advanced aircraft products. What we couldn't eliminate was the human touch and the secretions deposited onto surfaces. Fingerprints cause corrosion, and police are using it to identify individuals who have touched brass cartridges years ago:

"We recently showed how fingerprints on brass cartridge cases that we left out for several days in open air at room temperature can still produce corrosion sufficient for visualization, even after they have been washed in warm water and detergent to remove the residue"

Our concern is corrosion pitting that might damage a critical aircraft part. So what can you touch and what should you be careful with? How do you clean fingerprints from parts?  read more on my web site...

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