Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cessna 152 Poor Idle - Carburetor Foam and Hollow Floats Sb-2

A quick tip from one of our customers who services a small fleet of Cessna 152's. Rough and poor idle can often be corrected by:

  • Each 100 hours pressure testing the intake and exhaust system to find air leaks.
  • Make sure carburetor float is working properly.
  • Working on the carburetor won't make the engine run any better if the problem is an air leak in the induction system.

This is the newest Volare foam float. You can purchase these from or call 800-433-3564

Below is a link to the Volare Service Bulletin

volare Foam Float Service Bulletin SB-2

This is the old style float. Notice that the float is half filled with fuel!

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