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Aircraft Repair --The Missing Manual

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Table of Contents
Re: question about oil filter examination 
Prop strike teardown recommendation 
Removing magnetism from Austenitic Stainless steel 
High oil temperature in Lycoming and Continental engines 
Degauss Mooney
Bendix D3000 magneto redundancy
Oil Filter Examination - continued
Leaning a Carbureted Lycoming or Contintal past Peak
I have this problem with my aircraft engine
If it's not broke - don't fix it
Inspecting the magneto coil 
Sealing Aircraft Engine Cases
Bastardized AN fittings - Which AN fitting goes into the hole?
Use of crush washer on AN Fitting Connections
AN Thread Size and AN Fitting Size Chart
Hose Problems
AD2009-16-03 SAP Cylinder Cracking
Bad Valve Seat Job
Cessna 152 Poor Idle - Carburetor Foam and Hollow Floats Sb-
Fuel Hose Installation and Electrical Wiring in Aircraft AD2009-
Rough Engine on left mag - nothing you do fixes the problem!
Stuck Valve Check - Quick, Easy, Inexpensive
3Should you pump the throttle on a carbureted engine?
Do Aftermarket Oil Additives Reduce Wear Metals ?
Improvements to the Slick Magneto
What is a Finger Doubler?
Slick magnetos and propeller strikes
Fingerprint Corrosion on Aircraft Products
Inspecting High Strength Materials
Starters and Worm Gears in Aircraft Piston Engines
Alternator Load Dump by the pilot switching off the alternator
Rivet Edge Distance
Some thoughts on camshaft lobes
Preflight Inspection Tip - Inspect the muffler
What's wrong with Aircraft Drain Valves?
When rings should be replaced on aircraft cylinders?
How to properly ground a dual magneto?
Hose dash size to Inside Diameter
Replacing the Spark Plug Helicoil in Lycoming and Continental
Engine Break In
Stuck Piston Rings in Lycoming - What to do
Measurement Errors and Challenges for Mechanics
Bendix Retard breaker magneto manual
Can you use a torque wrench to inspect a bolt for proper
aircraft battery explosion
Aircraft Structural Screws
4Compass degauss
Preventing Stainless Steel Screw Seizing, Galling, and Stripping
Increasing Reliability of your Aircraft's Fluid Delivery System
Factory New Limits and other Nonsense
Should Corrosion Preventive Fluids be used on Riveted Joints?
Lycoming Fluctuating Oil Pressure
Setting Slick Magneto Point Gap
Lycoming camshaft
Faulty NTSB Conclusions N9348S
Lycoming Valve sticking Tip
Breaking Studs
Lycoming cylinder barrel wear signs
Are Aeroquip fittings usable on Stratoflex hose, and vice versa,
Spark plug anti-seize
Aircraft Vacuum Pump Troubleshooting
Introduction to Aircraft O-rings
Glazed cylinder and high oil consumption
ROTEC radio noise
Hole Quality for Aircraft Mechanics 
Don't Forget to Inspect the Rocker Arm
Replacing Spot Welds with Rivets
Field Inspecting Bonded Joints - Problems and Expectations
Antiseze for Aircraft Mechanics
Aircraft Hose Temperature Limitation Warning
Inspecting Aircraft Control Cable
Engine Balance and the Arms Race
Bulkhead Hole Size
Comparison of Tube Strength for Common Small Aircraft Tubing
Inspecting Aircraft Hose
Slick Magneto Timing Light Flicker
How to Remove Needle Bearings
Aluminum Corrosion Penetration as a Function of pH
Coarse Thread vs Fine Thread Strength
Hydrogen Embrittlement
When to Use a Washer
Camshaft Lobe Pitting Evaluation
Bulkhead Fitting Installation into Aircraft O-Ring Port
Aircraft Fuel Flow Transducers - Hose Suggestions and
Beech Marks, Fatigue Failure, and High Compression Pistons
Don't Mix your Metals
Graphite Lubricants in Aircraft- The Corrosion Potential
Continental Cylinder Stud Design
Double Flare Tubing
Clean and Dry Torque
Aircraft Wire Inspection
Aircraft Control Cable - Stainless or Galvanized?
Stainless Steel Stress Corrosion Cracking - Primer for Aircraft
Aircraft Control Cable - What is it?
Monel Safety Wire - When to Use
Titanium Limitations in Aircraft Repair
Aircraft Engine Bearing Analysis - Reading the Bearings 
Oil Leaks -- It's not the gasket it's the surface
Aircraft Engine Age Deterioration
Slick Magneto Inspection Tip
Propeller blade cracks
Aircraft Washer Usage
Exhaust Valve Deposits - Concentricity
High MP low RPM Continental TSIO520 engine (or Lycoming
Aircraft Rivet Hole Fatigue Strength 
Metal Fatigue, Cracks, and Turbo Mallards
How to Properly re-magnetize a magneto rotor magnet?
Suspect Un-Airworthiness
Aircraft Hose Bonding and Lightening Protection
The Aircraft Structural Mechanic (why you deserve a pay raise)
B-nut Torque and Loosening
AN Bolt Head Design
AN Nut Face Design
Unsafe Engineering - Use of NPT Ports in Critical Aircraft
Hose Flap
Pilot Description of Preignition
Tightening Rubber Gaskets
Rapidly and Ruthlessly eliminating "customers"
Pilot Description of Broken Impulse Coupling Spring
Torque Wrench - Accuracy and Precision
7Nature of Efficient Design
Cracks in Aircraft Structures
Lobing and other Low Frequency Form Error In Aircraft Piston
Magneto Test Bench Electrode Design
Lycoming or Continental Counterweight Detuning
Preventing Oil Leaks

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