Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bulkhead Fitting Installation into Aircraft O-Ring Port

Aircraft AND10050 Port with Bulkhead Fitting
Low Pressure - Other Than Hydraulic and Pneumatic
1. Assemble AN924 nut onto fitting end and run all the way back to clear fitting groove.
2. Coat male threads and O-ring sparingly with system lubricant.
3. Hold O-ring firmly against the top of the threaded section of the fitting and run nut down until it contacts the O-ring.
Position O-ring and Nut as Shown
4. Turn the fitting into the AND10050 boss and, at the same time, keep the AN929 nut turning with the fitting until the O-ring contacts the boss. The point can be determined by a sudden increase in torque.
Turn the fitting
O-ring contacts the boss
5. Continue to screw fitting into the boss for another 180 degrees. Any further positioning of the fitting must be accomplished by turning the fitting in up to an aditional 270 degrees or by backing out up to 10 degrees. Keep the AN924 nut turning with the fitting to prevent cutting the gasket with the fitting thread.
Fitting installed

6. Tighten locknut lightly
7. Now assemble flared tube to nipple end of fitting.
8. Now tighten lock nut against boss

High Pressure or Hydraulic System Installation

AN6289 Nut

This process uses a different lock nut, a AN6289 nut with a groove for a anti-extrusion device.
Backup Ring (anti-extrusion)

The above description follows AND10064 "Fittings, Installation of Flared Tube, Straight Threaded Connectors" Also reference FAA Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin, SAIB: CE-07-46 dated September 6, 2007 for important installation background and details.

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